Degree Verification

There is no fee for academic degree verifications.

Academic degree verification requests normally come by way of an official form provided by the party desiring the degree verification. This form should include a written and signed release by the student/alumni authorizing Education Services to release the educational information to the specified party.

Please Note: For all degree verifications, we will need a signed release from each student/alumni before any information is released. If the party desiring verification does not include a signed release form, the alumni or student will need to contact Education Services in writing via letter, fax or email, giving a simple stated request, signed by the student or alumni, to release their student information to a specific party. In this case the student or alumni will need to specify the exact party to whom the information may be released. The only exception to this rule occurs when a court order is received by Education Services to provide specific student/alumni information to the court or its' specified party.