Education Services is the official custodian of records for all Pacific Western University - California. Originally, Pacific Western University - Hawaii and Pacific Western University - Louisiana student records were managed by another custodian of records. Having two different custodians caused a great deal of confusion. After several years of alumni contacting the wrong custodian in search of their official records, Education Services was engaged by the former owner of Pacific Western University - Hawaii and Pacific Western University - Louisiana to serve in a similar capacity. The offical records of all three of the Pacific Western University schools have been under the custodial care of Education Services since Janurary 1st, 2012.

The three Pacific Western University schools were all separate Universities. Each university was separately incorporated and operated under very different state laws. The schools all maintained different administration, curriculum and education standards.

Education Services is the source of academic and administrative information for the three Pacific Western University programs. As the Custodian of Academic and Institutional Records, university alumni, employers and national and international government agencies can verify and receive academic information and documents through Education Services. To obtain this educational information, Students/Alumni need to verify their identity before information can be released.

Due to U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) laws all others seeking academic information on students/alumni must have a written release form signed by the student/alumni authorizing Education Services to release specific student information to the requesting party. Education Services can be required to release official education records without student permission by Court order of Local, State or Federal Courts and law enforcement agencies. Graduates of Pacific Western Univeristy are not elligible to request the issuance of replacement diplomas or transcripts from any other college or university.

Alumni from all three Pacific Western Universities may obtain official documents such as transcripts, duplicate diplomas and degree verifications from Education Services. Please click on the navigational links at the top of the page to read about each of the services provided.